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Home studios have become common place among musicians and other people who work with sound and music. Having your own studio at home will allow you to work on a project in your own time without booking time in a larger studio and this can lead to cost and time savings over a longer period of time.

Setting up a home studio does not need to be expensive and it can be done using computer based music recording software and low cost equipment such as the ones we talk about on the home recording studio mixers article.

This website has been established to provide tips and advice about setting up a home studio including recording and mixing equipment as well as computer hardware and software used for recording music and sound.

This website contains articles written by a hobby musician who has been composing and recording music at home for many years. My name is Geoff and I use a computer based system with a MIDI keyboard to play and record my own music at home. I have used many different computer based Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) and tried different software and control surfaces so I have started this site to share this knowledge with you.

I like to stay up to date with new recording equipment and music software being developed or released and will share the news about music recording hardware and software I come across so that when I see anything interesting that than can be used as part of a home studio setup you will also know about it.

If you are a musician or creative person who is exploring the idea of setting up your own recording studio to record or produce music at home then this website will serve as a good place to begin your research. I have written a lot of articles which are aimed at people who are just getting started with their first studio and have many tips for beginners. If you already have your own recording studio setup and are browsing for new ideas or are doing research before updating your existing studio equipment then I hope you will find something here that is interesting or helpful to you.