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The home recording studio articles section at HomeRecordingStudio.xyz is the place to find information about home recording studio setups and recording studio equipment and learn more about recording and how to get your own recording studio setup at home.


MPC vs. MPD for Beat and Music Production

Making beats and working with samples has been made a lot easier with the introduction of the MPC from AKAI and the concept has been adapted for computer based workstations with their MPD rage. We will talk about the difference between them and help you decide which one is best for you.

Studio Headphones for Recording and Mixing in a Home Studio

Studio headphones are most useful when you are recording singing or an instrument using a microphone and need to prevent the sound from your speakers getting recorded onto the track you are recording on. They are also good for mixing when you are working in a studio with outside noise which can often be the case when you are working in a home recording studio.

Step Sequencers for Making Drum Patterns and Basslines

Making drum patterns and basslines for your songs requires precise timing and each note has to be on beat so it is important to use the right tools to make it happen. A step sequencer can help with this and I will explain what a step sequencer is and how to use it to make your drum patterns and basslines.

Acoustic Shield and Portable Reflection Filter Suggestions

When you are recording vocals or anything else using a microphone it is very important to reduce the amount of room noise going to the microphone. Most of this noise is the sound reflecting of the walls and ceiling which can cause a reverberation effect on your recording making it harder to mix later on. I will show you how to reduce the reflections by using portable acoustic shields.

Fabric Acoustic Panels v Plain Acoustic Foam

Fabric acoustic panels are being used in home studios more often in modern times around the world and offer some advantages over the popular plain acoustic foam which you will see in almost every studio of the past. I will talk about the differences and outline some advantages of fabric acoustic panels.

Tuners and Choosing a Tuner for Your Home Studio Instruments

Tuning your music instruments so they are all at the same pitch requires a very good ear or a little help from a device called a tuner. I will show you different types of tuners and help you decide what tuner to use in your studio.

Keyboard MIDI Controller List for Home Recording Studios

A keyboard MIDI controller will allow you to play music iunto your computer. This is a list of keyboard MIDI controllers that are popular and can be used in a home studio.

Keyboard MIDI Controller List

There are many different types of keyboard MIDI controllers so we have we have divided them into two classes. The first class of controllers will be the pro studio controllers which have a full set of controls and are designed for professional studio use and are also the more expensive controllers mainly for studio use with a large selection of buttons, dials and faders. The second class of controllers will be the compact controllers that have less buttons and are designed for simplicity. Many of the options on a compact MIDI controller are accessed by the keys while pressing a special function button.

Pro Studio Keyboard Controllers

controller keyboard for MIDI software

Samson Graphite 49Keyboard MIDI Controller - This USB MIDI controller gives you control over your DAW software and plugins. Works with most DAW software and has basic features making it simple to use and nice to play. The Graphite 49 comes with presets for the following DAWs: Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton, Cakewalk, Reason, Traktion, Motu, Mk Control, Acid Pro, Audition, FL Studio, Nuendo, Magix, Presonus. The Samson Graphite controller also comes in a 25 key version.

USB midi controller

Novation Impulse 49keyboard USB controller - The Novation Impulse MIDI controller has a lot of fully assignable controls. Dedicated velocity sensitive pads for beats/drums and designing arpeggio patterns. There are assignable dials too. This feels great to play and the Automap software provided allows you to map the controls to anything in your music software.

MIDI keyboard and midid controller
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49midi controller keyboard with USB - Komplete Kontrol from Native Instruments is the MIDI controller designed to work in harmony with the virtual instruments from Native Instruments giving you easy access and use of the NI komplete sound and synth library. The keyboard can used with third party instruments. There is an arpeggio creator and a variety of chord and scale assist options to make composing complicated arrangements easy. The keyboard also has standard DAW transport controls and octave up and down options.


Compact Keyboard Controllers

MIDI keyboard with USB as controller for DAW

Alesis Q49controller MIDI- The Q49 is a compact MIDI controller which provides keyboard players with a full compliment of controls including pitch and modulation wheels, octave up and down buttons, an assignable data slider, and the ability to send program changes from the keys.

midi controller USB keyboard

M-Audio Keystation 49 IIcompact MIDI keyboard controller - This is a popular compact MIDI controller from M-Audio and includes octave range buttons, a pitch bend wheel, a modulation wheel and transport controls. This keyboard has 49 full-size, semi-weighted velocity-sensitive keys with 1/4-inch sustain-pedal input for expressive performance



Here are some tips to deciding on a good controller for your studio.

1. Do you need pads, faders and dials or only a keyboard? If all you need is the keyboard and a few extra controls then a compact controller will meet your needs. If you need the other options then the pro controllers are better for you.

2. What software are you using? Make sure the MIDI controller you use is compatible with your software. All of the above will work with most popular DAW software but the Novation Impulse has special features that have been added to work with Ableton Live. The Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S keyboard has been designed to work with NI software and will map the controls for the Native Instruments Komplete virtual instruments for easy adjustment of the instrument parameters.

Mixing Music With The 5 Most Important Music Mixing Tools

When you get to the mixing stage of your music production project there are a few basic things you will need for making a good mix. Sometimes it can be easy to feel that mixing music needs to be complicated when it does not. I will show you the 5 most important things you need so you can begin to mix good music.