5 Reasons Why A Musician Should Set Up Their Own Home Studio

When you love making music so much that you feel the need to have your own studio you are not alone because a lot of other people are doing this. For those of you who are still not sure if you want invest in your own studio I will show you 5 compelling reasons why you should consider having your own studio.


We will get right into it now so here are the reasons why so many musicians have their own home studio.

Time Saving

Your time is valuable and you need to make the most of every part of your day. Not everybody has a large studio close to them and having a studio in your home can save you travel time.

I'm sure you have times when life gets busy and you may find recording at a large studio takes too much planning which becomes difficult when you do not have control of the studio schedule. This is why having your own studio at home has an advantage because you control your own schedule and can do things when it is most convenient for you.

You may also find the ability to record when inspiration hits a convenient advantage which you can not achieve by relying on the use of a larger studio.

Lastly I would like to to consider the benefit of having access to your studio at all hours and control of your time schedule because this is a very compelling reasons to invest in your own studio.

COST Savings

The cost of setting up a studio at home will depend on n any factors but once you are set up the ongoing costs are small and you will control your budget and spending. This can be cheaper than hiring a studio because for the cost of a week in a commercial studio you can fit out a basic room at home. The standard may not be as good as a larger studio at first but over time you can improve it and make it a cost effective working environment for your creative expression.


There is no place like home and your own studio can become your home within a home by having everything arrange the way you like things to suite your work flow. You can also change things around as your needs change. This includes the studio layout and the equipment you are using. Having your own studio gives you the freedom to manipulate your own work space in any way you want. You may also have a much loved instrument you do not want to move around a lot in case of theft or damage which can stay in your studio.


When you have your own studio to work in you may decide to offer your skills as a service to other people as an extra way to earn income. You can offer to work with other musicians or even produce an album with them with all the benefits of your talents and studio.


When you take all the about into consideration to will quickly see you also have the freedom to experiments and to try different things and be flexible which is not a luxury you can often have with a larger studio. You have the freedom to do anything that suits your way of doing things and freedom to set your own rules and studio regulations within your own boundaries. This is the most compelling reason to set up your own recording studio and is why many musicians opt to have their own studio.