Acoustic Shield and Portable Reflection Filter Suggestions

When you are recording vocals or anything else using a microphone it is very important to reduce the amount of room noise going to the microphone. Most of this noise is the sound reflecting of the walls and ceiling which can cause a reverberation effect on your recording making it harder to mix later on. I will show you how to reduce the reflections by using portable acoustic shields.

Acoustic Shield and Portable Reflection Filter for Microphones

Most recording studios will have some sort of acoustic treatment such as acoustic foam or fabric covered acoustic panels but I have found this is not always achievable when I need to do a recording in a rented hall or in a room which can not be modified for other reasons beyond my control. When this situation happens to you I recommend reducing the reflections of sound by using portable acoustic reflection shields.

There are several reasons why you would use one of these acoustic isolation shields and they are:

  1. You are not allowed to place acoustic foam or panels on the walls of ceiling of the room being used for the recording.
  2. You are often on the move and need a portable acoustic solution for your microphone at any location.
  3. You are on a low budget and want cleaner vocal recordings without spending a lot of money.

A Closer Look at Portable Microphone Acoustic Reflection Shields

These portable reflection shields will attach to your microphone stand and surround the microphone helping reduce the reflections going past the microphone to nearby walls and help filter reflections from nearby walls from getting back to the microphone. They are most effective when used to stop sound being sent directly toward the microphone from side walls and can also help sound going into the microphone from going further and causing reflections. They are not a substitute to a correctly acoustic treated room but if you need a simple solution then they are a good option.

Microphone acoustic shields and also known as isolation shields and they come in different sizes including a desktop size and a larger size useful for bigger rooms.  Below are some examples to demonstrate the range of these reflection shields available and you can click on each one to go and read more information about it with a purchase link. 

acoustic shield for microphone Monoprice 602650 Microphone Isolation Shield Compact Desktop Acoustic Microphone Isolation Shield  

Where to Buy a Microphone Acoustic Reflection Shield

Now you can go and buy one at Amazonmicrophone acoustic shield at Amazon or your local music store. Most professional music retailers will have these but not every store stocks them for reasons I don't understand.