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The home recording studio articles section at HomeRecordingStudio.xyz is the place to find information about home recording studio setups and recording studio equipment and learn more about recording and how to get your own recording studio setup at home.


Acoustic Foam Panels and How They Acoustically Treat a Room

When you clap your hands in a bedroom you will hear the sound reflections off the walls and other reflective surfaces. These reflections can make a vocal recording or any other microphone recording sound awful and will also effect the accuracy of your mix when mixing from speakers. This can be corrected using acoustic foam to acoustically treat the room.

How to Buy Home Recording Studio Equipment On a Budget

You may want to set up a home recording studio  without spending thousands of dollars so I will tell you how to buy home recording studio equipment even is you don't have a lot of money to spend.

Control Surface Options for Easier DAW Software Control

A control surface is the name given to a device that connects to your computer to allow control of the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software. We tell you more about them and also about USB powered control surfaces that will let you control most popular DAW software and any music recording software with MIDI controller support.

Free Music Recording Software and Sound Recording Software

Free music recording and production software can help you get started without spending money on software. I will talk about some of the best free music software that can be used in a home studio.

Virtual Instruments Explained and How They Are Used in Music

Virtual instruments are an every day part of the modern digital audio workstation setup and we will explain what they are and how they can be used and share some of the different types ofvirtual instruments available.

MIDI Controllers and Control Surfaces Explained

A MIDI controller is a device used to send information to a computer or other MIDI hardware and is often used to control the functions of the music recording software in a home studio. I will explain what they do and the common types of MIDI controllers available.

Music Recording Software for A Home Recording Studio

Music recording software is the software installed on a computer that is being used for recording music. We will talk about some of the most popular music recording software for Mac and Windows.

Home Recording Studio Mixers and Types of Studio Mixers

The central part of any recording studio is the sound mixer and I will tell you about different mixers that can be used in a home studio setup.