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  1. geoff
  2. Music Software
  3. Tuesday, 09 August 2016
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I have been a long time cakewalk user and for good reason as I use PC for all my other productivity work and SONAR has only even been for windows PC so I have always stayed with this. I know a lot of people are using MAC computers and there are a lot of poplar DAW software already on Mac. Most of the popular recording studio software have versions for PC and MAC except for a few but now SONAR for MAC is in early development so I wonder if this will cause a change in the DAW selection process for many.

Will it make a difference for you?
AudioFile Accepted Answer
I don't see it making a big difference to people already using MAC. This change could bring cakewalk people over to MAC. Sharing files and collaborating on songs from one location to another would be easier is the project file can be used on both computers.
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