Free Music Recording Software and Sound Recording Software

Free music recording and production software can help you get started without spending money on software. I will talk about some of the best free music software that can be used in a home studio.

Free Music Recording Software

I have previously told you about music recording software in the article Music Recording Software which highlights the best top end programs to use in a recording studio. Now we will cover some free music recording software that can be used to produce music.

When considering what free music recording software to include in this list I decided to only include the software that can be used to record a song and make your own sound recordings.  I used the following criteria as a way to establish the programs that will meet this goal:

1. The software must be stable under recent operating systems.
2. The software must have NO nags (buy/register now messages) while recording or editing.
3. The software must have no time out limits or trial periods.


Presonus Studio One Prime - Mac | Win | Audio | MIDI | Studio One Prime is a scaled back version of the paid versions of Studio One from Presonus. The prime version is an entry level music production and recording DAW with support for unlimited tracks. Studio One Prime is an introduction to the paid versions or Studio One and has a very nice interface. Studio One Prime has some major limitations including not being able to use external plugins which is a feature supported only in paid versions. Studio One Prime comes with one virtual Synth instrument and a few effects. The software is stable and it will give you a feel for what you can do with the paid versions so if you are looking for a top quality entry level music recording software then this is a good choice.

Audacity - Mac | Win | Linux | Audio | Audacity is a free sound recording program. Used to record and edit audio this software is great for just about any recording task such as converting vinyl records to digital format, recording your rehearsal sessions or editing existing sound files. You can use LADSPA, LV2, Nyquist, VST and Audio Unit effect plug-ins with Audacity making this a powerful free audio editing software you must have.

Zynewave Podium Free - Win | Audio | Midi | Podium Free is a feature limited version of the paid version of Zynewave Podium. The user interface takes some getting used to but once you get the hang of it everything will make sense. The software comes with some powerful editing features and supports audio recording and MIDI in/out. The free version is limited to one MIDI input and output interface which means one keyboard or MIDI control surface but the paid version is only $50 so there is a good upgrade option if you are on a tight budget and not happy with the limitations of the free version..

There are many other programs for Mac, Windows and Linux that provide a free way to record music but the above are the best to begin with. You are welcome to talk about recording software in more details in the music forum at and ask questions about recording music on a computer.

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