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Music recording software is the software installed on a computer that is being used for recording music. We will talk about some of the most popular music recording software for Mac and Windows.

Music Recording Software

Music Recording Software

When you want to use a computer for recording music you will need some software installed that will help you record and your music and help produce the final production when you are ready to release your song or composition. There are many programs available which allow you to record your own music on multiple tracks and control different aspects of the recording including effects, EQ and volume of each track.

When recording a song there are two ways you can send information to the computer. The first way is by an audio signal which is the way you would record an instrument such as a guitar or singing from a microphone. These will be allocated to an audio track in your music recording software. The other way to send information to the computer is using MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) which saves the information sent to it on a MIDI track in your music recording software. MIDI does not transfer any sound and it will only send the information needed to play it back using a device such as a MIDI keyboard. MIDI can be used to play back the music using a software based instrument installed on the computer if it is compatible with the music recording software you are using.

top Music Recording AND EDITING Software AT THE HIGH END

If you want to go right to the most popular options then here they are. These are the top Digital audio workstation programs available used by professionals and beginners in large and small studios. 

Cubase - Cubase has been around since 1989 and continues to maintain a high standard meeting the needs of modern musicians and music producers. With an easy to learn user interface that provides you with a very productive workflow this software can be used every step of the way from composing your new song to completing the project and producing the final mix. The powerful recording and editing tools make it one of the best options for a home studio. Cubase is available for Mac OS X and Windows and there are different editions depending on your requirements and budget. Visit the official Cubase website or buy Steinberg Cubase Pro 8 Retail online at AmazonCubase Music Recording Software .

SONAR - Compatible with a large range of plugins and packed with some powerful recording and editing tools SONAR is one of the leading music recording software platforms used on digital audio workstations all around the world. SONAR is only available for windows but is still a powerful option for any home studio using a windows computer. Visit the official SONAR website or find SONAR and other Cakewalk music software at AmazonSonar Music Recording Software.


If you want to be more conservative about spending money on your recording software right now then there are some good options to get you started. These are the low cost options that are still popular and can be used to run a home recording studio.

FL Studio - One of the most popular recording systems and is a complete software music production environment. FL Studio has everything you need in one package to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music. FL Studio is now one of the world’s most popular DAWs and is used by many talented artists. Visit Image-Line Software for a free demo version and purchase information.

n-Track - This is a lower cost software that will allow you to record and edit music. This multitrack recording software is available for Windows and Mac OS X and there is also an Android and iOS version. A nice feature of n-Track is the ability to exchange recordings between desktop and mobile versions of the software so you can record a song on your iPad and then import it on your Windows or Mac computer for further editing and mixing. Visit the official n-Track website.

Mixcraft - A simple to use DAW designed for musicians who want to create professional quality songs, mixes, and videos. Mixcraft is a windows application but it can be used on a Mac running bootcamp. There are enough effects to keep most musicians happy and if you are new to recording then Mixcraft is a good one to begin with. Visit the official Mixcraft website or buy Mixcraft online from amazonMixcraft Music Recording Software.

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