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Cakewalk SONAR 2015 DAW for Windows Music Production

Cakewalk have come along way with their popular windows based DAW software and 2015 has seen some major changes to further improve the software.

Cakewalk Make SONAR for New Generation

SONAR is now made available in three versions called SONAR Artist, SONAR Professional and SONAR Platinum. The Artist version is for the musician who wants very basic recording and mixing while the professional and platinum versions offer further enhancements and include additional virtual instruments and effect plugins.

A new feature added to the SONAR product line is the Cakewalk Command Center which allows you to update the software directly from the app making it easy and efficient to upgrade to the latest version or SONAR. Cakewalk have also announced a rolling updates system that will allow you to subscribe and have access to the latest version of the software which can be done via the Cakewalk Command Center.

This music production software has had a lot of improvements to the user interface including a new control bar that will allow you to stack, scroll, minimize, and maximize any and all control bar modules making it easy to access your favorite tools. The MIDI engine has been improved to minimize problems with insufficient note-off messages that can can lead to stuck notes and reduced voices on samplers.

Cakewalk has also announced options for people who do not wish to pay the full cost upfront making their windows music production software accessible to people by monthly payments.